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Example of Heterozygous

Zygosity is a state of similarity for genes which express a trait or characteristic called alleles on partner chromosomes. Heterozygous means having different sets of alleles expressed as genes on specific loci on a common point in a chromosome. This is important in reproduction for tracing hereditary genetic issues, because one chromosome comes from each parent. Heterozygous alleles therefore act as indicators to states of inherited characteristics.

Examples of Heterozygous:

Population studies of incidence of genes: The incidence of a particular heterozygous gene is defined as the number of subjects in a population containing this heterozygous structure. For example, if 50 out of 100 people have the gene, the formula is H = 0.5.

Image Example of Heterozygous:

Heterozygous individuals carrying the Sco1, Sco5, Sow3 and Whc1 mutations display white spotting on the belly and a white forehead blaze while homozygotes (-/-) have a white coat color with black eyes.