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Example of Heat Energy

Heat energy is an inexact term referring to the sum of kinetic energy in the measurement of an object or subject material. The 'heat' includes the movement of particles. If a material is heated, this activity naturally increases. A comparative measure of heat will show that an object in its normal state has a natural ambient temperature of X, and figures above or below that figure equate to the addition or removal of heat.

Examples of Heat Energy:

Measures of heat energy can be visualized like this:

Water when boiling
Ice as frozen water
Water in its natural state

Each state of the water represents a different level of heat energy.


Image Example of Heat Energy:

Heat from the Sun is the driving force of life on Earth. The science of heat and its relation to work is thermodynamics. Heat flow can be created in many ways.

A red-hot iron rod from which heat transfer to the surrounding environment will be primarily through radiation.