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Example of Heat Conduction

Heat conduction is a thermodynamic process in which a material or gas is heated. The temperature transfer takes place from a hotter area to an adjacent area which is colder. The heat conduction is measured as the amount of heat which a material receives. The basic thermodynamic principle of conduction as a process is that it's part of temperature equalization, and that the conducting material in turn transfers heat to an adjacent cooler area. Conduction is also part of the process of burning, where the temperature exceeds the conduction capacity of the material, and destroys it.

Examples of Heat Conduction:

A cup of tea, for example, can get warm or extremely hot, depending on the ability of the cup to conduct heat from the tea. The heat from the tea is progressively transferred until temperature equalization is reached.

Image Example of Heat Conduction:

Heat conduction in a single crystal: representation of the atom movements.

Linear heat flow.