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Example of Glucose

A 'simple sugar' or monosaccharide, glucose is a basal sugar structure. The word is based on the Greek glukos, 'sweet' and 'ose' a universal suffix meaning 'sugar', a good way of identifying this class of compound. Glucose is commonly known as dextrose monohydrate in the food industry. Glucose is a major metabolite in the body, used in protein production and as a precursor for ascorbic acid production. Glucose is also a primary part of sorbitol, the sugar alternative combined with sorbic acid.

Examples of Glucose:

Consumer products: Glucose enriched sweets and foods.
Cellulose, a common non digestible organic product, is based on a glucose structure.
Starch production is based on glucose.
Sucrose is a combination of the fruit sugar, Fructose, with glucose.
Polysaccharides are glucose polymers.

Image Example of Glucose:


Glucose metabolism and various forms of it in the process.
-Glucose-containing compounds and isomeric forms are digested and taken up by the body in the intestines, including starch, glycogen, disaccharides and monosaccharides.
-Glucose is stored in mainly the liver and muscles as glycogen.
-It is distributed and utilized in tissues as free glucose.