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Example of Genogram

A genogram is a graphic representation of a genetic history, usually a family history, with annotated genetic references. The genogram may contain specific case studies, a medical history, detailing common genetic aspects of medical conditions or other subjective information. This form of graphic is a particularly effective method of using the family tree as an analytical tool. It's also a common form of family record, usually without the medical history, but allows useful information to be included, like the history of redheads in the family, etc.

A Genogram is a pictorial representation of a person's family and medical history. Genograms, although similar to a traditional family tree, show hereditary and psychological patterns that are prevalent in a family's history. Genograms have been used to show a person's family history and the personality and relationship traits they may have inherited. Genograms have been used by therapists and patients to help locate and understand personality traits and other patterns in family history that may have influenced their way of dealing with life issues.

Genograms contain basic information similar to a family tree such as: names, genders, birth/death dates, but Genograms also include additional information such as illnesses, social behaviors, achievements, education, family relationships, social relationships and emotional relationships. Other information may also be included such as social disorders of alcoholism, diseases, and depression.

Examples of Genogram:

Family trees
Royal lineages
Inter-family relationships (common in the old aristocratic family records)

Image Example of Genogram:

Genogram Symbols.

Medical Genogram Symbols.

Genogram Template.