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Example of Genetic Drift

Genetic drift relates to studies of gene flow, being the drift of particular characteristics. It's measured as a random characteristic expressed by 'sampling and chance' or more accurately as a statistical reflection of the chances of characteristics being passed on by parents to offspring. The 'chance' element relates to the fact that some characteristics and variations aren't passed on from either parent.

Examples of Genetic Drift:

A family's parents has some known medical conditions. The first child has the father's medical issue. The second child has the mother's. The third child doesn't have any of the medical conditions at all. The chance element has excluded the third child, not passing on the genetic tendency to these conditions.

Image Example of Genetic Drift:

Changes in a population's allele frequency following a population bottleneck: the rapid and radical decline in population size has reduced the population's genetic variation.

When very few members of a population migrate to form a separate new population, the founder effect occurs. For a period after the foundation, the small population experiences intensive drift.