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Example of Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is the physical machinery of computers, and the term 'hardware' has now evolved into a term covering all forms of machinery, particularly in relation to electronics.

Computer hardware includes:

  • Hard drives
  • DVD and CD drives
  • Video, audio graphic and TV cards
  • Inputs like USB drives
  • Peripherals like external memory, routers, web cams, etc.
  • Any mechanically or electrically operated functional part of the computer

Examples of Computer Hardware:

The common usage version of the expression varies:

'We don't have the right hardware to run this software'.
'You'll need some new hardware to run this operating system'.
That computer will need a major upgrade, with some brand new hardware.'

Image Example of Computer Hardware:

Hardware of a modern Personal Computer.
1. Monitor   2. Motherboard
3. CPU   4. RAM
5. Expansion cards  6. Power supply
7. Optical disc drive  8. Hard disk drive
9. Keyboard  10. Mouse

Inside a custom-built computer: the power supply at the bottom has its own cooling fan.