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Example of Writing a Review of a Book, Film/Movie, Product

The sole purpose of writing a book review is to educate the reader about the book in order to help him decide whether he should read the book or not. Likewise, other types of review e.g. film review, product review have the identical purpose and should be approached in the same way. Review writing is a systematic process, given below are the complete details of this process and a sample review with

  1. Read the Book and Make Notes
  2. To have deeper insight about the content, it is better to read the book more than once. When you are reading the book, keep jotting down the important notes. Your main aim or making notes should be to answer the following questions that might be in the mind of your reader, especially when writing a review for fiction book:

    • What type of book is this?
    • Who are the leading characters and supporting characters?
    • What are the storylines?
    • What is the key theme of the book?
    • Is it well written?
    • Is it worth reading? (your personal recommendation)

    However, if you are writing a review for non-fiction book, the questions will be slightly different:

    • What is the writer's main reason for writing this volume?
    • Is the book well organized?
    • Does the author support his findings with credible resources?
    • How does it compare to other books on similar topics?

  3. Organize Your Notes
  4. When you read your notes, you will find they need a little bit of organizing. For writing a successful review, you should include the following elements and in similar order, however, the order can be changed depending on the requirements.

    • Paragraph1: Introduction (Broad-spectrum remarks about the book)
    • Paragraph2: Characters (Concisely describe the characters and highlight the lead characters)
    • Paragraph3: Plot/Storylines (A brief summary of the story - Never write the ending of the story in a review)

  5. Write the review
  6. Now is the time to write the review based on the notes you have organized. You may criticize the book, compare it with another similar piece of writing and recommend this book. However, try to highlight the main theme of the book and do not include too many details. Furthermore, if you give away the ending of the book in your review, the reader might lose his charm in the book.

    Some Vital Tips for Review Writing

    • Always keep in mind that the person who is reading the review has not read the book.
    • Describe the positive and negative aspects of the book in good conscience.
    • Use adjectives to describe the book, characters and the plot.

Sample Review of a Fiction Book

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Asking a question in the start is a great way to engage the reader. Does this book tell a passionate love tale or should we label it a true gothic story? In my opinion the classic novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is a unique and gripping mixture of these two genres of writing. The story, written in 1847, which is a grand family saga resplendent with passion, desire, love and remorse, revolves around the two main characters Heathcliff and Catharine. Emily has cleverly mirrored these violent emotions with the atmospheric settings of wild Yorkshire uplands. Book title, publishing date and author's name must appear in the introductory paragraph.

Heathcliff is somewhat an anti-hero with his rough demeanors and lack of control over his emotions. Similarly, Catharine exhibits various flaws yet the reader feels a sympathetic relation with these two characters. For my part, this is the reason for the matchless brilliance of the novel. Most of the times, reader can be dismayed by the bizarre way that Heathcliff and Catharine behave but Emily has ensured that reader does not hate these characters.

Second paragraph entails the characters.

When Catharine's father adopts Heathcliff, who is an orphan boy, her brother Hindley feels intensely offended and indignant. On the contrary, Catharine develops a strong bond with him which later turns into a passionate, love association. When their father dies, Hindley becomes the family head and the first thing he does is forces Heathcliff to undertake the place of a servant. Though Catharine is in love with Heathcliff, yet she marries Edgar Linton who is closer to her social status. Her betrayal leads to a tear-jerking tragedy.

Besides the beauty of the story, I will not call Wuthering Heights an easy to read writing because of most of the dialogues are written in a not-so-simple to follow dialect. Nevertheless, I highly recommend reading this chef-d'oeuvre of writing, I challenge you to stay impassive after reading this extraordinary tome.

The plot of the story in an unremitting elegance.