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Example of Sample Review of a Film/Movie

The first passage has the detailed introduction and credits. Writer's name and release date must be mentioned besides other necessary details. Many people would write a film review usually by looking at the good things it has. Another, more direct, way of reviewing a film is to try and find what was substandard in it. It is a fact that every film has something in it that could be pointed out as second-rate. When talking about The Godfather 1992 by Francis Ford Coppola, one can hardly find a single thing that is inadequate or out of place. The film, which was actually based on the bestseller novel by Mario Puzo, can certainly be categorized as the benchmark for today's mafia related films or crime drama.

Second paragraph entails the characters, emphasizing on the lead characters. One of the reasons for the success of this film was the cast that has the biggest superstars of all times. Don Vito Corleone, played by the legendry actor Marlon Brando, is the major character of the movie. He is extra-smart and exceedingly powerful. He transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son, Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino. Other major characters include Don's two sons: Santino 'Sonny' Corleone and Fredo 'Freddy' Corleone played by James Caan and John Cazale, his consigliere Tom Hagon played by Robert Duvall and his two right hand men: Sel Tessio and Peter Clemenza played by Abe Vigoda and Richard S. Castellano.

Third paragraph has a summary of the storyline. Don Vito is an aging head of an organized crime family and has enormous influence in his area. Michael is a Second World War hero and has nothing to do with the family business. Sonny is supposed to be the next head of the family, but due to his headstrong nature he gets himself killed and Don unwantedly makes Michael the next patriarch. The story mainly revolves around the love stories of the Corleone family, the mafia wars amongst the major crime families of New York and ultimately the revenge.

Second last paragraph describes any goofs, awards, nominations and the conclusion. Though the movie has certain noticeable slip-ups, yet it qualifies to be the best movie ever especially considering it was filmed nearly forty years ago when the technology had just started to flourish. Owing to the vibrant nature of the story, the viewer does not lose charm for even a single minute. Flawless plot, worthy direction and superb acting contributed to make The Godfather, the top ranked and most famous movie of all times besides winning it twenty one awards including three Oscars.

Writer gives his personal recommendations in the last passage. I highly recommend this movie. With its snowballing suspense and growing thrill during the every second of 175-minute runtime, I challenge you to stop the DVD once you play it!