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Example of GSCE Statistics Coursework

GSCE statistics coursework relates to the gathering, analysis, and use of statistics. It's an important study in a range of areas like marketing, maths, demography and other fields. Students are required to pick a subject, gather statistics, do a full analysis, and produce a hypothesis based on the stats. Students need to use an appropriate method of gathering stats, and conduct their surveys on a formal basis.

Examples of GSCE Statistics Coursework:

Study: Number of users of bus service
Method: Sampling, incorporating studies of peak and off peak use of services, user survey of commuters conducted online and verbally.
Findings: Bus users relative to statistical area: Average of 1900 per day in statistical area population of 40,000

20% of non service users complained of lack of effective bus services in their suburbs
20% used both car and a train service because of deficiencies in the existing services.

Hypothesis: Bus services are economically marginalized by private vehicle use, but demand for services exists. Expansion and revision of services would be economically viable.