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Example of Urban Renewal

Urban renewal basically means the removal and replacement of slums and urban environments in a state of severe dilapidation and their replacement with modern architecture and amenities. Urban renewal was a phrase first used widely in the 1960s, in response to the condition of large areas of urban America, notably the ghetto neighborhoods. The original intention was a social benefit, as much as a property-related exercise. In practice the expression was used more as a rhetorical concept than a fact, and the initial concept faded as 're-development' took over, a very different, commercial rather than social approach to the issues of urban slums.

Examples of Urban Renewal:

https://www.gsd.harva rd.edu/research/publications/hdm/back/22_Fainstein.pdf
https://www.pdc.us/pdf/about/urban_renewa l_primer.pdf

Image Example of Urban Renewal:

Melbourne docklands urban renewal project, a transformation of a large disused docks into a new residential and commercial precinct for 25,000 people.

1999 photograph looking northeast on chicago's cabrini-green housing project, one of many urban renewal efforts.

This beautiful limited edition print ''Urban Renewal'' By artist, Tim Wistrom is of Seattle''s Space Needle and Monorail.