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Example of Idealism

Idealism is the belief in an ideal, philosophical, religious or political. In most cases an ideal is a concept which is defined as a perfect state of existence, spiritual nature, or society. The idealist''s view of the concept is based on aspirations, identifying with the principles and aims of the ideal. In many cases idealists also promote the concepts of their ideals, and actively attempt to persuade others to share their ideals. The negative view of idealism, however, is one of the more common interpretations of idealism. Idealism is generally a negative reference to a naive belief. Idealism is also sometimes the basis of fanaticism, the unreasoning state of mind in which an ideal or belief becomes uncompromising, obsessional, or irrational.


Examples of Idealism:

Utopia- Thomas More
Cultural Revolution- Maoism

Image Example of Idealism:

George Berkeley is credited with the development of subjective idealism.

Bradley, the most famous british idealist.