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Example of IQ questions

IQ questions are based on a combination of memory, comprehension, numerical aptitude and logic. The theory is that processing information defines the level of intellect. Many people criticize the basis of some tests, due to the nature of the information provided, some forms of which could be realistically described as 'How not to ask a question.' IQ tests come in many forms, from the basic 'pictograph and True/False questions' to exotic questions about Ivan the Terrible. In most cases the online tests are based on (or stolen from) the Mensa test. IQ tests also don't test creativity and use of information in those forms as per De Bono's Lateral Thinking concept, which is seen as another weakness in the question concepts.

Examples of IQ questions:

In a numerical progression, numbers are 57, 73 , 81.

The next number in the progression is

A 89
B 91
C 93
Correct answer is A

Fill in the missing number–
178, 277, 354, ?
Correct answer is 445.

True or false
The common integer for the numbers
186, 276, 123, 591, 87, 2313 is:
A 9
B 15
C 21
D 3
Correct answer is D

A car travels 100km in 30 minutes. It takes 90 minutes to travel 200 km from its starting point.
How long did it take to travel the whole distance?

A 2 hours
B 90 minutes
C 1 hour
D 2 and a half hours
Correct answer is B. The question says 200km from the starting point, which includes the first 100km.

If a global map is turned upside down, does the Earth travel around the sun-

A Backwards
B Sideways
C The same way
D The same way, but at the opposite angle to the current angle
Correct answer is C. Only the map has been turned upside down, not the planet.

A cat bumps into a balalaika. The balalaika makes a noise. The cat hits the instrument with its paws, making more sounds for hours while the owners film it.

From this information, which statement is true:

A Cats don''t play balalaikas
B Balalaikas and cats don''t get along too well
C It must be a Russian cat
D This cat is likely to get a lot of attention
Correct answer is D, which is already stated in the question. This cat, obviously, does play a balalaika. The cat and balalaika aren''t attacking each other, so the relationship is positive. The balalaika could be anywhere, because there''s no information on that subject.


In recent floods in Australia, the situation was described as fluid, with one of the major economic problems being liquidity with a flow on effect likely to muddy economic forecasts.

From this description, which statement is true:

A Terrible puns are alive and well and living in Australia.
B The commentator was being sarcastic.
C Some people don''t know when to stop using metaphors

Correct answer is A. The comments do make sense in context, it''s the way they''re expressed. There''s only one metaphor involved, the floods.

Image Example of IQ questions:

The IQs of a large enough population can be modeled with a normal distribution.