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Example of Luxury Goods

Luxury goods are the expensive, the status-giving, and often the garish products of their time. Some of today's commonplace daily goods were once luxuries, obtained at great expense from parts of the world which were unknown to most of their consumers. Today's luxuries are based on rarity as much as price, but the principle of luxury remains the same. Luxury goods reflect more of the values given to things by the society than their actual usefulness or real value.

Examples of Luxury Goods:

Old style luxuries: Hot water, potatoes, pepper, ventilation, privacy, hygiene.
Modern luxuries: Expensive cars and homes, personal jewelry, celebrity status, gadgets.
Luxury Proverb

Image Example of Luxury Goods:

The Mercedes-Benz S-class is an example of a luxury good.

18 or more karat gold jewelry is an example of a luxury good.