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Example of Oppression

Oppression is enforcement of unjust laws or practices. It invariably includes some form of denial of rights, and often persecution. Historically, oppression is characterized by harsh laws, severe punishments and efforts to destroy any opposition to the oppressor. Oppression is commonly based on religious, ideological, or some form of social grounds, like oppression of ethnic minorities.

In another context, the word 'oppression' may refer to a situation which is intolerable.

Examples of Oppression:

The Inquisition.
Stalin's oppression of Russian minorities.
Hitler's persecution of the Jews.
Western colonial laws imposed on indigenous peoples.

This type of pompous gathering really is very oppressive.
The hot weather is oppressive.

Social oppression- Hostility and violence to minorities
Peer group oppression- Bullying, harassment
Workplace oppression- Tyrannical, unreasonable managers

Image Example of Oppression:

Oppression derives from the concept of being weighted down, and is often depicted as such. Here, a cartoon jew labors under the metaphorical oppression of the russian tsar.