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Example of Negligence

Negligence is a description of failure to perform an obligation. It usually means omission to perform a task or to do something which could reasonably be expected to be done to do the work properly and with due care. In some contexts, negligence is a legal concept, referring to failure to do something required by law in terms of professional or social practice. In common usage, the word is always seriously intended and strongly negative, and refers to a major issue.

Examples of Negligence:

Parental negligence
Professional negligence
Business practice negligence- Usually failure to check or provide necessary information.
Conversational: 'Your negligence cost the lives of 200 people.'

Parental Negligence

  • Not providing adequate food, clothing or shelter for a child.
  • Not providing medical care when necessary
  • Failure to provide emotional and moral guidance

Professional Negligence

  • Failure to report the wrong doing of a co-worker or superior
  • Failing to report an error be it accidental or otherwise

Other examples of Negligence

  • Failing to stay at a the scene of an accident
  • Not reporting a crime