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Example of Myth Story

Many myth stories are claimed to be based on fact, but many are actually the supernatural tales of the past. Interestingly, it was educated but culturally illiterate Westerners who confused the various Chinese, Indian and Arabic cultural and religious stories with myths, and therefore categorized all of them as myths. To complicate matters, some myths were in fact based on real historical events.

Examples of Myth Stories:

Journey to the West- Wu Cheng En The famous Monkey stories. There was in fact a Buddhist monk called Trippitaka who did travel to India and collect scriptures.
Homer's Iliad- A mythologized tale of the actual siege of Troy.
The Golden Bough- Fraser's study of the stories and practices of the belief systems of non-European cultures.

Image Example of Myth Story:

The four heroes of the story, left to right: Su-n Wuko-ng, xuanzang , zhu- ba-jie, and sha- wujing.

J. M. W. Turner''s painting of the golden bough incident in the aeneid.