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Example of Jingoism

Jingoism is a form of expression or motif based on buzzwords. The word is derived from 'jingo', an expression used in a particularly banal form of patriotic song during the 19th century. Jingoistic songs and expressions persisted into the 20th century during the wars. Modern usage has expanded the meaning to refer to a form of acceptable platitude. This is seen as a shallow, trivial, insincere, or merely facile form of expression or behavior, political or ideological. The term is always negative, and dismissive of the content of the subject matter.

Examples of Jingoism:

The Horst Wessel
Battle Hymn of Lt. Calley

Image Example of Jingoism:

'Ten thousand miles from tip to tip', an 1898 political cartoon depicting the extension of the united states dominion.

American war-dog, a 1916 political cartoon by oscar cesare, with the dog named 'Jingo'.