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Examples of Easter Celebrations

Ukrainian easter eggs, or pysanky.
Example of Easter Eggs.

Christ is risen, easter postcard of russian empire.
Example of Easter Postcard.

16th century russian icon of the resurrection of jesus.
Example of Easter Week.

Bermuda kite, flown in bermuda to symbolize the ascent of christ.
Example of Easter Customs.

Icon of the resurrection by St. Andrey Rublev, 1408-1410.
Example of Easter Friday.

Two boys enjoy treats during the annual easter egg roll at the white house lawn on easter monday, 1911.
Example of Easter Monday.

American benedictine monks around an easter fire preparing to light the christ candle prior to easter vigil mass.
Example of Easter Vigil.

A straightforward undecorated example from st marys church, grendon, northants.
Example of Easter Sepulchre.

Easter bonnet.
Example of Easter Bonnet.

Jesus entry into jerusalem on palm sunday has been cited as the earliest precursor to modern easter parades.
Example of Easter Parade.

Russian orthodox icon of the resurrection, by dionisius, 15th century.
Example of Easter Saturday.

Statue of jesus lying in the tomb.
Example of Holy Saturday.

Easter carol.
Example of an Easter Carol.

People watching an easter fire in eibergen on easter sunday, 2006.
Example of Easter Fire.

Mammi is a traditional finnish easter dessert.
Example of Easter Food.

Gelben tulpen (tulipa).
Example of Easter Bouquets.

Pieter aertsen, the egg dance(1557).
Example of Easter Game.