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Examples of Eco Tourism

Eco tourism is environment- interest based tourism, and it's now one of the world's major forms of tourism. Eco tourists visit sites of environmental importance or interest, often staying in luxury accommodation in 'pristine' environmental sites.

Eco tourism was originally criticized for putting additional strain on habitat, but in most cases management has improved drastically, largely because many of the tourists, some of whom are experts, were complaining about this effect.

Examples areas for eco tourism include:

  • Australia- Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Daintree rain forest, Kakadu National Park, Tasmania
  • Europe- Rhineland reserves, Black Forest, Ardennes, Massif Central, Pyrenees, Alps
  • Asia- Borneo, Laos highlands, Vietnam Mekong area Central highlands, India wildlife reserves
  • Africa- Wildlife reserves, safari style eco tours
  • South America- Amazon, Andes, Patagonia
  • North America- Alaska, British Columbia, US national parks, Everglades, Native American sites
  • Pacific region- Palaus, with regional marine eco tourism based in Fiji and Tahiti