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Example of Parental Wedding Speech for the Groom's Parents

Thank you Sam for those kind words. We're over the moon that Jack has married Jill. She's a brilliant, vivacious girl who instant became like a family member literally the minute we met her. She's always been the girl we hoped Jack would marry, and it was like winning a thousand lotteries, when they announced their engagement. I don't know who was happier, them or us.

We also hope Jack's managed to repay in some degree the sheer pleasure of Jill's company that we've experienced in just having her visiting us. She's a true breath of happiness wherever she goes, and she and Mabel have been thick as thieves plotting and planning those parties we've all enjoyed so much.

I must agree with Sam that they've always been a happy couple. It reminds me of when Sandra and I were courting, and we were deliriously happy from day one. If you ever saw two people made for each other, it'd be these two. I also agree that we should spoil our grandchildren rotten on the slightest provocation when they come along.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a toast to the happy couple!