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Example of Parental Wedding Speech

We're so happy that our daughter Jill has married into a family which is so loving and supportive as Jack's. Jack has been like another son to us for over two years now, and I don't think it's much of a secret that he's done more work around our house than I have in that time.

I'd also like to thank Frank and Mabel for their endless thoughtful kindness and particularly the huge fun and great food we've had at their parties. For Sandra and I, it's been like discovering family we didn't know we had, and I hope we've been able to return in some measure the immense pleasure of their company.

These two have always been a happy couple, and I think we can say that we're looking forward to seeing what they do next. It's too early to start talking about grandchildren, but not to early to start thinking about it. We promise to spoil their kids rotten, when they come along, and I'm sure we'll get some help from Frank and Mabel with that project.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a toast to the bride and groom!