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Example of Youth Group Vision Statement

Writing a Youth Group Vision statement will not only provide a clear focus and direction for your Youth Group leaders, but also the members of your youth group. A youth group vision statement should inspire the members and provide a clear vision of what the group's future goals are. Your vision statement should be easy to understand, usually only three to four sentences or key points. If you are having trouble writing your vision statement, create a list of the key ideas that are most valuable, include such points as:

  • Why does this youth group meet?
  • What do we hope to accomplish in 5 years, 10 years
  • Who are we trying to reach and what is our message
  • Group leaders and members
  • Goals, values and philosophy of the group.

Once these ideas are written down, select the most important points and generate your vision statement.

Youth Group Vision Statement Examples

FCC Youth Ministry Vision Statement

'We're working together bringing youth to God by showing them Christ!'


Blessed Sacrament Parish

'The vision of the Blessed Sacrament Youth Ministry is to let the young people of our community know that they matter, and to provide them with a space where they are welcomed, heard, and accepted into a spiritual family that will not judge them.' https://news.blessedsacramenthollywood.org/marroquin/mission/