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Example of Helpdesk Vision Statement

Writing a Helpdesk Vision Statement can help motivate and inspire company employees and customers. Your vision statement should provide a clear, inspirational idea, which you can use to excite your employees and customers. A successful helpdesk vision statement will be clear, easy to understand message that is easy to follow and communicate to others.

Begin writing your helpdesk vision statement by creating a list of the goals and values that are important to your company. Some items to consider are:

  • The employees and customers that make up your company
  • Future goals and accomplishments you'd like to see
  • What exciting ideas are in already in process for the future
  • Plans for future goals and milestones
  • Where do you see the future of the company

Once this foundation of ideas is generated, select the key points that are most important to your company, and start writing your vision statement from there. Simplify your idea into a few powerful sentences or points that provide a strong motivational message.

Helpdesk Vision Statement examples

ABC Company Helpdesk Vision Statement:

  • To be our customer's advocate and single point of contact for all IT support issues in the face of rapidly changing technology.
  • To strive for continuous improvement by measuring our performance against our customers' expectations and industry standards.
  • To empower and educate our customers with self-service tools and solutions.
  • To achieve world-class status by establishing an 80% or higher First Call Resolution Rate and a 5% or less Abandonment Rate.

University of Bradford Helpdesk Vision Statement

'To be seen as delivering professional, economic, cutting edge solutions with an enthusiastic, pro-active customer focused approach.'