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Example of Catering Vision Statement

A vision statement provides direction for your company and something for your employees to follow and work towards. A catering vision statement should describe where you hope to see your company in 5 to 10 years. This vision statement should also express the overall goals, purpose and values of your company. A catering vision statement should motivate and inspire both the employees of the company and potential customers that your company will serve.

To write your vision statement, visualize where you want your company to be, what you want your company to achieve within several years. Start by writing a list of ideas that are important to your company

  • Future goals and accomplishments you hope your company will achieve
  • The people who are part of the company, managers, employees and customers
  • Values and philosophy you want your employees to represent

Using this list you can write your catering vision statement that fits your company's future goals.

Catering Vision Statement Examples

Chapman Holmes Catering

'It is the Chapman Holmes vision to provides each and every one of our clients with an excellent service based on a friendly but professional approach. We are devoted to giving personal attention to every detail of our clients' requirements, no matter how small. We draw on our flexibility and vast experience to guarantee the success of every event we undertake. We are committed to high standards in both the quality of our food and the quality of our service.'