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Social Worker Sample Resume

Jane Brown
00 Greene Street
Lupindale New Mexico 00000
Position desired: Social Worker
Objective: Welfare management.
Summary of Qualifications: Master of Social Work
BSc., Psychology
Skills: Excellent verbal communications,
Complex problem solving
Interpersonal relationships
Social studies research and management
Case management
Therapeutic program development
Community outreach program management

Current position: 1 February 2008 to present, Acting Manager, Community Outreach, Salvation De Paul Group, Rose Garden Maine.


Management of:

Crisis response teams
Street Team groups
Anti Drugs Community Awareness Program (ADCAP)
Alcohol Abuse Community Clinics (AACC)
No More Homeless People Shelter Program
Statewide community welfare case managers
Salvation De Paul Group offices administration
Budgets for all state offices
Statewide staff training and development
Research operational programs


ADCAP awarded Governor's citation for 20,000th enrolment in rehabilitation program
AACC received Federal grant for $2 million after qualifying on performance.
SDPG Street Team groups' training modules approved for national distribution to welfare agencies.
SPDG Crisis Response teams credited by police with reducing domestic violence in main urban areas by up to 25% due to public awareness program.
No More Homeless People program processed 12589 applications for emergency housing, with 90% approval rating.
Case management total workload for 2008 recorded as 46,251.

Case Manager, Salvation De Paul Group, Rose Garden Maine. 2 January 2004 to 31 January 2008.

Responsible for:

Case Management, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program
Case Management, Homeless Outreach Program (predecessor of No More Homeless People Shelter Program)
Team supervision ( 1 June 2006 to 1 February 2008)
Case Management Homeless Outreach Program
Project Manager, Homelessness Study Project 2007
Master of Social Work Rose Garden College 2006
BSc., Psychology Rose Garden College 2006
MBA Rose Garden College 2009

References: Available upon request.

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