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Examples of Resume Template Table Format


First Name Last Name /
Address , City, State, Zip Code




State the job title or position you are seeking, in the desired industry.For example To gain industry experience in a [specific company or industry type] company as a [specific job].




List specific qualifications along with years of experience in the related field.

  • List qualifications in bullet form
  • Expert skill level with skill1, skill2, skill 3
  • Proven leadership skills..years experience with

Work Experience


Employer Name and address Start Date - Present/End
Position held

  • List job activities and responsibilities
  • Notable job accomplishments
  • Specific duties and job achievements or awards


Employer Name and address Start Date End Date
Position held

  • Job duties and responsibilities
  • Specific qualifications

List additional jobs and/or training and dates



M.S. Topic Studied, College/University Name, Location Start End Dates
List notable courses studied, thesis statement, or special commendations

B.S. Topic Studied, College/University, Location Start End Dates
List notable courses studied, or accomplishments


Special Skills


  • List notable skills such as leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Excellent team work skills



Native language
Additional languages and skill level


Computer Skills

This will vary depending on job.

  • Type xx wpm
  • Knowledge level with Microsoft Office programs, Lotus Notes, other software competences
  • Operating Systems knowledge
  • Job specific software such as AutoCad, Oracle, Java
  • HTML skill level

Other Skills

  • List anything here that you feel does not fit in the other categories but should be noted, otherwise remove this section.



List any outside activities that you are a member of or activities or hobbies you enjoy.
Volunteer for Charity, Active member in Sports Teams, Artistic skills




You can either list your references
Name, Address, Contact Number
Relationship to you

Or you can simply state:
References available upon request.

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