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Example of Employment Contract

Employment Contract Template
[Insert Company Logo/Name]

This agreement is for [Insert services type here] at [Location/Business Name] and is has been agreed upon this day,
[Month, Date, Year], by [First Name Last Name], with [Company Name/Contracting Company]

Property Owner Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Contracting Company Name (CCN in Contract)
Street Address
City, State, Zip

1. Services
All services are subject to the terms/conditions of the agreement CCN will provide [Contracted Services] at the
Owner's Property, including but not limited to the [example service], setup and organization of products,
[example services], and other contracted services requested by the client.  CCN will work to enhance the property
and assets while minimizing any liabilities based on CCN’s available inventory and input from CCN representatives.

2. Payment and Terms
The Client will agree to pay the CCN the amount of [Insert amount here].  A nonrefundable deposit is required and
will be due [insert date] upon the signing of this agreement.  The remaining balance is due upon the completion of
contracted services.  This contract agreement is only for [contracted services] and is not taxable.  Any other contract
services or rentals are under a separate contract and may be taxable.

The contracted fees do not include moving or storage of products or materials.  The client agrees to pay or provide
at no cost to CCN any materials needed including but not limited
to: [any necessary materials not provided by company.]

3. Client Consent
The client grants CCN and its employees, representatives, independent contractors and other supplies permission
and access to the property for the purpose of provided [Contracted Services] beginning on this day [insert date here]
until all work is completed. 

The client also agrees to remove or protect any and all valuable property of belongings before the date above.  CCN
does not accept any liability for loss of properties or damages if these items are not secured by the client. 

The client agrees and acknowledges that client properties may be moved from room to room or rearranged as
necessary by CCN or removed to a designated storage area.  The client assumes all responsibility for personal
property and for any damages that occur from [contracted services].

The client grants permission to CCN to move or remove anything within the property (interior or exterior) including
any and all items

EXCEPT the following items:

  1. List items here
  2. List items here
  3. List items, and add more items below.

5. Release and Waiver
The client agrees to release, indemnify and acknowledges that CCN, its employees, representatives, contractors
and other suppliers are not responsible for any and all losses, accidents, injuries, expenses or other claims that were
a result of the [contracted services.]

The client also understands that in no event shall CCN, its employees, representatives, contractors or other suppliers
total and aggregate liability under this contract exceed the amount of fees paid by the client.

The client understands that CCN cannot grantee success or a certain result.  CCN will use our best professional
efforts to produce satisfactory work but make no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied. 

6. Photography and Advertising
The client agrees to allow CCN to photograph any and all work done before and after the completion of any work done
and will use any and all photographs for future marketing or reference purposes.  The client’s name will not be
included in any future advertisement or images. 
The client also agrees that CCN may advertise CCN’s services on the property while work is being done.

7. General Provisions
The client agrees to have all personally property insured throughout the period of the [contracting services].

This contract contains the entire contractual agreement between all parties; there are no other promises or
conditions either written or oral in any other agreement.


Before signing this agreement, the client should read and understand this entire agreement.  This is a legal and
binding contract.

Client/Property Owner

Printed Name                                                                                                  _

Contracting Company Name


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