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Example of Memory Walk-Through Activity Template

Sample Memory Walk-Through Activity Template

A walk-through memory is a memory you recall by imagining yourself in the memory, walking through the locations of the memory. Use this Walk-Through Activity template to help recall special memories of your life.

First, try to recall 25 memories or details about the home(s) that you lived in as a child. Close your eyes and try to imagine that you are in that home walking through each room as if you are giving a tour of your home. Write down the details that you remember and any specific memories that surface around those items.

It may be helpful to draw a rough or detailed layout of your home. It can be as simple as an overhead blueprint, or a drawing of each room or the object that had meaning to you. Make notes as you remember specific details.

For example, you could recall the details of your family living room and the couch that your family used to watch movies on or the corner you would sit in as a 'time-out' when you got in trouble as a child. Don't forget the outside of your house as well such as the garage or backyard. Perhaps your father would keep tools in the garage or you would have parties and barbecues in the backyard.

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