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Mechanical Engineer Sample Resume

Phil McGeary
00 Fulcrum Street
Broad Plains Wyoming 00000
Position desired: Senior Mechanical Engineer
Objective: Engineering consultancy
Summary of Qualifications: Chartered Engineer 2010
MS Mechanical Engineer Broad Plains Tech College 2008
BSc Mechanical Engineer Broad Plains Tech College 2005

Experience: 17 February 2007 to present, Mechanical Engineer, (Hydraulics) Lever and Plane, Broad Plains Wyoming.


Design and installation of hydraulic systems on buses industrial forklifts and commercial freight carriers.

Additional roles:

Industrial housing design, machinery. Inspection and reporting on contract specification and statutory compliance.

Client liaison, engineering consultant for contracts. This is a contact position created for Lever and Plane contracts, and includes dealing with client issues in relation to contract costing, time frames, etc.

Lever and Plane Research Project Officer, (ongoing internal program) Industrial research into alloy functions in designs. Responsible for system reports and data management. Participation in drafting theoretical research papers.

Available upon request.

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