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Inventory Control Sample Resume

David Letterbox
00 Savant Street
Threadneedle, Ohio 00000
Position desired: Inventory specialist
Objective: To achieve professional excellence as an inventory control specialist and achieve related qualifications and experience.
Summary of Qualifications: Certificate of Business Studies (Commerce).
Systems management certificate.
Business Management Statement of Attainment
Skills: Supervisory, team leadership, administration, verbal, electronic and written communications, problem solving, interpersonal relationships, computer systems and database management.
Technical Skills:

Stock management database skills:
Data entry, data analysis, database system management, stock management report writing, stock inventory reporting, internal stock audit and analysis.

Warehouse and stock management skills
Supervisor of large commercial warehouse, responsible for high volume of computer components, training of staff in related roles.


Current position: Stock control supervisor, 1 June 2004 to present date, Alpha Major Computers, Threadneedle, Ohio.
The position is a dual role, incorporating both management and stock control functions. My work includes a range of cost benefit analysis projects assigned by management.

Key roles:

Responsible for supervision of warehouse 25 staff engaged in receiving and distribution of materials, and stock control database.

Additional roles: Project management, database management, data entry, training of staff in inventory and stock control systems.

August 2002 - May 2004, Warehouseman, Delta Minor Electronics, Threadneedle, Ohio
Duties were added to this position during my tenure, and the position upgraded from a basic warehouseman to much higher scale work. The IT work referred to below related to installation of new stock control systems.

Key roles:

Stock data entry, deliveries and receipts, order compilation, database reporting, administration, stocktaking, internal auditing, data entry, customer service, inventory accounts, staff training.

Additional roles:

IT liaison officer, assistant to Stock Control Manager


Certificate of Business Studies, Ohio Business College 2003

Business Systems Management Certificate, Ohio Business College 2003

Business Management Statement of Attainment, Threadneedle Community College 2002

References: Available upon request.

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