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Functional Resume

A functional resume is based on skills, rather than the standard chronological work history method. The resume format is developed starting with qualifications and experience, detailing the types of work performed. The work history is a synopsis of positions held, rather than a statement of duties.

The typical outline of a functional resume structure is:


This entry is similar to the Skills entry on a chronological resume. It can include training, a description of duties, and a summary of standards and personal motives.


This entry details experience under the heading of specific relevant skills like administration, customer service, and supervision. A typical entry will include a list of responsibilities in sentence form like ''Performed cash register duties for large grocery store'' and ''Demonstrated ability to solve customer problems''.

Employment history

The employment history is literally a statement of positions held, and the name of the employer. For example ''Cashier, ABC Stores Inc. WA'' would be a complete entry.

Education and training

This entry simply defines the name of the qualifications and the educational institution. It''s frequently adapted to include relevant qualifications or accreditations. An education and training entry should also include any current studies, or materials relevant to job applications.