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Example of Tragedy

The word 'tragedy' actually refers to the literary form, which refers to a story line based on tragic events. When used to describe real events, the word is actually an adjective in the form of a noun, referring to those events. Common usage has adapted the word into its present form, and the original usage is really used at all. It's more common in the literary sense to describe classical literature, plays, literary concepts and related materials.

Examples of Tragedy:

Media:The word is typically used to describe events in the news calamities involving loss of life, the effect of terrorist attacks, and similar major events.
Arts: If used at all, the word is frequently used to describe events within the biographies of famous artists, rather than artistic forms.

Image Example of Tragedy:

Sarah Siddons as euphrasia in a 1782 production of the grecian daughter, by Arthur Murphy.

Mask of dionysus. Greek, myrina, 2nd century BCE.