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Example of Timeline Chart

Timeline charts are based on specific subjects.

Examples of Timeline Charts:

Timeline for novel set in the early 20th century:

Jan 1. 1911-   Person A born.
Jan 2. 1915-   Person B enlists in British army.
February 27 1916  Person A starts school
July 1 1916-   Person B enters Battle of the Somme
July 3 1916-   Person B wounded, sent to Paris Hospital
July 8 1916-   Person B repatriated to Kent Military Hospital
September 12 1916-   Person B declared unfit for duty
March 17 1917-   Person A meets Mrs. Jones
Jun-August 1918-   Flu pandemic outbreak
November 11 1918-  Armistice Day
March 1919-   Person B discharged from army
5 June 1919-   Person B first meets person A

Image Example of Timeline:

Timeline chart.