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Example of Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is essentially a description of the thesis and its content. The content of the thesis statement may refer to a question upon which the thesis is based, or simply state the core elements of the thesis.

For example:

The question is 'Do changes of season cause increased medical issues?'

The thesis statement would include a line like this:

'Changes of season cause increased demand for medical treatment.'

Alternatively, if the question is not present the thesis statement would use the same line, 'Changes of season cause increased demand for medical treatment.', as the basis of explaining the nature and purpose of the thesis.

Analytical theses statements

An analytical thesis and close references and data related to analysis. The thesis statement, therefore, includes references to the analysis and the main points of findings.

For example:

'Analysis of GP patients attendance records indicates that changes of season cause increased demand for medical treatment.'

Explanatory thesis statement

A different mode for thesis statement is the explanatory method, in which the thesis statement outlines the explanatory information provided within the thesis itself.

Argumentative thesis statement

And argumentative thesis statement is based on a premise for argument. This mode is appropriate when the thesis is based on a series of arguments used to prove the case supporting the thesis.

It should be noted that each of these types of thesis statement have specific uses and may or may not necessarily be appropriate in some cases. Generally speaking, the explanatory thesis statement is the only 'all-purpose' type of thesis statement, able to work with both the thesis question scenario and an argumentative thesis concept.