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Example of Screw

The word screw has a range of meanings, including semi-scatological referring to sex. Usage is qualified by prior statements creating context.

Examples of Screw:

Mechanical context: A screw is an attaching implement, using a spiral thread to ensure strong attachment.
Maritime context: A screw is a propeller, the description based on the propeller shape and shaft action.
Idiomatic: 'Tighten the screws' means apply added pressure, usually on a person or entity.
Idiomatic: 'Screw up' means mistake, failure or similar error.
Idiomatic: 'Screw into place' means to fit firmly into position.
Idiomatic: 'Screw around' means waste time.
Idiomatic: 'Screw with someone's head' means to play mind games, twisting ideas like a screw.

Image Example of Screw:

A collection of screws.