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Example of Riddles

A riddle is a puzzle question, often a joke intended to lure the listener into a wrong answer. Riddles are often posed as paradoxes, or different ways of viewing a person or situation. Some riddles are rhetorical questions for the speaker's own answer. Sometimes a homonym is included to deliberately mislead the listener.

Examples of Riddles:

Common: What's black and white and read (homonym red) all over? Answer: The Daily Worker.
Basic:What's sort of person needs to read more, just to be themselves? Answer: Writers.
Rhetorical: How many politicians does it take to change a light globe? Answer: Far too many.


Image Example of Riddles:

Hint 1: The colors are a red (and yellow and blue) herring. They don't mean anything. There's a reason for everything else, though.
Hint 2: If I translated the captions into Chinese, it would be ruined.