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Example of Homologous Structure

A homologous structure is a structure which is shared or similar between organisms through shared ancestry. The importance of homologous structures is that they provide a track of the evolutionary paths and divergences between species and sub species. In some cases homologous structures are also related to instantly recognizable behavioral characteristics like bird's beaks, which are modified in different subspecies by their varying environments. The homologous structures define the behavior pattern and help define the various structural modifications created by different behaviors.

Examples of Homologous Structure:

Rodent teeth
Hooves in species of camels, goats, sheep and cattle
Hands and feet in primates
Bird feathers
Shark morphology

Image Example of Homologous Structure:

The wings of pterosaurs (1), bats (2) and birds (3) are analogous: they serve the same function and are similar in structure, but each evolved independently.

Diagram of the skulls of a monitor lizard and a crocodile with homologous bones coloured the same colours.