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Example of Heuristics

Heuristics is the study of heuristic methods and is used as a synonym as a noun. The word 'heuristic' comes from the Greek, meaning 'discover', and contains several meanings which have expanded with usage into multiple possible meanings depending on context:

  1. A rule of thumb or 'common sense' approach used based on experience to achieve a close solution to a problem. The theory is that the set of rules used improves the chances of finding the answer.
  2. In engineering, a 'benchmark' approach to a problem used to reduce calculation.
  3. In computer science, a formula to achieve an acceptable result.
  4. Common usage expresses heuristics as an informal form of good judgment.

Examples of Heuristics:

Trial and error: This is a systematic approach, despite the haphazard sounding expression. Discovery: This is the 'experience' basis.