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Example of Greed

Greed is traditionally called one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It's the over-weaning desire for personal gain, raised above all other considerations, like ethics or the rights of others. Generally considered by ethicists and most philosophies and religions as one of the most repulsive and despicable of human traits, it was an iconic reference in the 1980s as the concept of fictional villain Gordon Gecko that 'Greed is good'. Greed is a moral concept, but it has definite social meaning in common usage. It's a universal socially derogatory term, also implying strong distrust of both the subject persons and their judgment.

Examples of Greed:

The 'conspicuous consumers' of the 1980s
Excessive charges or payments
Any action taken for personal benefit considered unreasonable or grasping.

Image Example of Greed:

1909 painting the worship of mammon by evelyn de morgan.