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Examples :: Language :: Example of using Consonants

Examples of Consonants - B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y, Z.

B (Bee, ber)

bee, bead, baby, born, bear, bar, bread, brain, book, bake, bark, bury, bold, bind, bank, best, burst, boast, boost, baste

C (See, cer, ser)

cold, corn, core, cone, contract, cable, crest, coast, course, crease, craze, cringe, create, career, courage, craft, croft, cast, case, caste 'S' form: receive, receptive, recede, conceive, accede (ac-seed), cedar, cessation, cease, precious, precipitate.

D (Dee, der)

dare, door, deer, dour, drain, describe, deny, dabble, deign, done, donate, dub, daub, dob, dangle, denounce, detail, decry, dubious, debate, defy

F (eff, fer)

Fabulous, fantastic, frivolous, fold, fine, feint, feign, fawn, foliate, furry, fun, fast, force, feast, fate, foot, foal, folder, fair, find

G (gee, guh)

Great, greet, ghost, guest, guess, grab, groan, grain, grind, gamble, gone, goad, gesticulate, green, gender, go, gain, gaze, gargle, gold

H (aitch or haitch, hur)

happy, hopeful, hoops, harp, half, haste, horn, home, hear, heard, hard, had, horde, hoard, heed, hat, host, heat, heart, hearth

J (jay, juh or jer)

jump, juniper, juggle, jolt, jab, jibe, just, jest, jingle, jam, job, jink, jack, justify, joke, jimmy, jocular, jelly, justice

K (kay, kuh)

back, track, kin, kind, kilt, acknowledge, sink, wink, tank, thick, thanks, tinker, tanker, brick, stick, stack, stock, stuck, strike, struck Silent K: knight, know, knowledge, knave,

L (ell, luh)

lion, lone, lean, lane, let, lazy, lap, leap, loose, leader, lettuce, lately, lemon, life, love, logic, loot, ludicrous, lively, log

M(em, muh)

mild, mold, moon, main, morning, meaning, miniature, must, mist, master, most, mess, mood, meager, many, merry, mathematics, muster, monster, mine

N (en, nn)

near, neurosis, neophyte, name, note, nest, neat, need, notify, new, nearby, nab, neutral, nominal, numeral, nimbus, night, nonentity, nondescript

P (pea, per)

play, ploy, please, par, pair, prove, parity, partial, port, prime, pun, pine, pin, purple, prior, prudent, priority, prefer, pro, promotion Silent form: pneumonia, pneumatic, etc.

Q (kew, qwuh, cuh)

Equity, quit, quiet, quit, quote, question, acquit, acquiesce, aquatic, turquoise, quack, quick, acquaint, equivocate, equate, qualify, quantify, queue, quintuplets

R (arr, rer)

receive, remember, react, revolve respite, result, revenge, render, rind, round. response. rotate. revive. rondo, rose, rice, raise, reasonable, rotund, role

S (ess, suh)

sale, seal, slay, slimy slab, slain, sly, solo, soon, sane, sea, season, sand, sandwich, serious, simple, sine, soda, silica, synthetic

T( tee, ter)

tense, timeless, tenacious, totality, try, train, tone, teen, toast, team, tabulate, testify, tell, tough, taste, tasteful, timber, tart, tender, tendency

V (vee, ver)

Viva, vivacious, vine, vein, venal, veracity, voluble, voluntary, vend, verdant, vent, vane, visa, vest, vast, value, vantage, vat, veer, vintage, vote

W (double u, wuh)

wise, wine, won, wind, wand, wander, went, wonder, wait, white, wheat, we, warm, wet, wonderful, woods, weave, well, wares, window, woman

X (ex, kss, zee)

excess, execute sex, sax, excel, excise, exceed, extraneous, exceptional, exact, axe, axis, coaxial, ox, toxin, tax, extirpate, xenon, xenophobia, extreme

Y (why, yuh, eye, ih)

yellow, yes, eyes, yonder, yearn, synthesize, syllable, you, your, yearn, wary, barely, rye, yeast, yard, alloy, ally, yodel, buy, yet

Z (zee, zer)

Zero, raze, laze, zone, zest, zebra, ozone, Zambia, adze, magazine, zoom, maze, cozy, doze, froze, gaze, haze, hazel, zip