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Example of Symbolism

Symbolism refers to the process of using symbolic characters, metaphors, and storylines to make a broader, often complex, point. A character may represent an ideal, an analogy to a social issue, or situational context. Symbolism was also the name of a French literary movement in the late 19th century. Symbolism has since merged with general literary practice.

Examples of Symbolism:

Voltaire: Candide: Dr. Pangloss represents the concept that 'all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds'.
Aldous Huxley:Antic Hay: Mr. Mercaptan (the name refers to a hydrogen/sulfur compound) is a character who drives the storyline.

Image Example of Symbolism:

Red flags associated with socialism.

La mort du fossoyeur by Carlos Schwabe is a visual compendium of symbolist motifs.

Mikhail Nesterov's painting The Vision of the Youth Bartholomew (1890) is often considered to mark the inauguration of the Russian symbolist movement.