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Examples of Wedding Speeches-Best Man

Wedding speeches are given as semi-formal prepared speeches by various members of the wedding party, followed by an acknowledging speech by the bride and groom.

The usual speech givers are:

  • Parents
  • Family members (Brothers and Sisters, depending on arrangements)
  • Best Man
  • Maid of Honor

Seniority and right of speech is given to the family members and express their perspective regarding the marriage, generally with some humor and affection.

Speeches are delivered standing, addressing the gathering directly. It should be noted that times are generally allotted to speakers to make sure everyone gets to make their speeches. Average speech speed is broadcast speed, 120 words per minute.

Important: Speeches should not be extended, because it infringes on the other speakers. It's advisable to schedule speeches in advance. Toasts may be proposed, if appropriate.

The best man speech is typical of the non-family member speech. The best man's role is as a support to the groom. It's brief, denoting the friendship and usually with some private family and friend jokes thrown in.