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Examples of Wedding Speeches and Special Speakers

At some weddings guests may also make speeches, and special guests may be invited specifically to speak to the reception. These speakers need to be scheduled. Guests should speak for no longer than 5 minutes, which is the average time allotted to junior speakers and non-family members.

Special speakers, however, may have a particular role to play. These are usually close friends of the family and are treated as senior speakers, with 10-15 minutes allotted. These guests are usually connected to the wedding through their relationships with the families of the bride and groom, or the couple themselves. They may be professional friends, academics, or have a high status in their fields.

Example of a guest speech

I just wanted to say that I know that all of Jack and Jill's friends are nearly as happy as they are that they've married. Jack and Jill are two of the nicest, kindest people you could ever wish to meet, and we were all thrilled when they announced they were getting married. I think I speak for all Jack and Jill's friends when I say that we couldn't be happier for them, and wish them every happiness.

Thank you.

Example of special speaker speech

I first met Jack when I was his lecturer at Forestville College. He was a particularly good student- Almost too good, he kept asking me questions I needed to look up myself. The other students asked him as many questions as they asked me, which saved me a lot of work, I must admit. We stayed in touch over the years, and I think it's fair to say he taught me as much as I taught him.

Jack and I were collaborating on a research program at the time he met Jill. It's always been a pleasure to work with Jack, but it was interesting to watch the change in him from the classic 24 hour a day dedicated researcher into an almost normal human being. I knew he had a girlfriend, but I certainly wasn't expecting Jill. I gather nobody ever does? Thought so.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that she was as interested, and as well informed, on Jack's work as he was. The result was a sort of collaborative effort, and if Jill didn't get her own PhD for it, helping Jack, there's no justice in the academic world. We used to have hours of discussions and brainstorming, and thankfully Jill was able to help us set up our database to do the job properly, unlike the contractor. The result was our paper on nano particle transmission and assembly streams. You'll also notice that Jill was given credit on the paper, despite not even being in the research group. We all insisted on that, even the college board.

I am absolutely honored to have been invited to this very happy day for both of them, and to give some public acknowledgement to their friends and families of their incredible work. These two people are great friends of our research facility, as well as great personal friends. On behalf of all of us, may I wish Jack and Jill every success and as much happiness as they can figure out how to have. I'm sure they'll put a lot of research into it.

Thank you.