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Examples of New Year Celebrations

The kadomatsu is a traditional decoration for the new year holiday.
Example of Japanese New Year.

'Großer saal' (Large hall) of the mmusikverein
Example of Vienna New Year's Concert.

Chinese new year's eve in meizhou, guangdong, china.
Example of Chinese New Year.

Eli young band was the parade's grand marshal for 2010.
Example of Comerica Bank New Year's Parade.

A small hoa mai tree decorated for vietnamese te't.
Example of New Year Tree.

Hogmanay (New year) celebrations in edinburgh, Scotland.
Example of New Year's Day.

New year's eve fireworks in paris.
Example of New Year's Eve.

Early 20th-century new year's resolution postcards.
Example of New Year's Resolution.

New Year celebration, rodnam damhua, a traditional way to celebrate with elders. Most thai people go back to their hometowns to meet their elders.
Example of Thai New Year.

A 19th century baby new year with father time.
Example of Baby New Year.

Alpine unity main stage.
Example of New Zealand New Year Festival.

A float from the 2008 rose parade.
Example of Tournament of Roses Parade.

Example of Traditional New Year's Day Bread.

Times square ball designed for the new millennium in 2000, on display at the waterford crystal factory.
Example of Times Square Ball.

Cheti chand banner in pune, india.
Example of Sindhis New Year's Day.