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Examples of Graduation

Chancellor of the university of oxford leads congregation out of the sheldonian theatre after encaenia 2009.
Example of Encaenia.

Sacramento state university nursing pin.
Example of Pinning Ceremony.

Graduation portrait of linus pauling wearing a mortarboard, 1922
Example of Square Academic Cap.

A stolen university painting defaced with a student protest laid on the path of the 2007 university of auckland graduation procession.
Example of Capping Stunt.

Kent beck giving a commencement speech.
Example of Commencement Speech.

Academic procession during the university of canterbury graduation ceremony.
Example of Academic Procession.

April 2008 BYU commencement, with cecil samuelson at the podium.
Example of Graduation Procession.

More than 230 scientists and engineers received graduate and doctorate degrees from the air force institute of technology during graduation ceremonies at the national museum of the U.S. air force here march 21.
Example of AFIT Graduation.

Coast guard academy class of 2009 graduating.
Example of United States Coast Guard Academy Graduation.

Pachara chutisawaeng graduation day.
Example of Pachara Chutisawaeng Graduation Day.

Graduation day stage.
Example of Graduation Day Stage.

Graduating class at the college of business and technology.
Example of College of Business and Technology Graduation.

STU graduation ceremony.
Example of Graduation Ceremony.

BSC graduation at durham 2005.
Example of Durham Graduation.

The processional always gets me a little choked up.
Example of WCL Graduation.