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Examples of Funerals

A funeral procession in the Philippines.
Example of Funeral Practices in Philippines.

A graveyard in Tokyo.
Example of Japanese Funeral.

Bell tower at forest home cemetery in fifield, Wisconsin. The bell is tolled during funerals.
Example of Funeral Toll.

Icelandic funerals. White coffins are most commonly used in Iceland..
Example of Icelandic Funeral.

A lithographic painting depicting a muslim funeral procession in India, circa 1888.
Example of Islamic Funeral.

Drummers at the funeral of jazz legend Danny Barker.
Example of Jazz Funeral.

Golgotha (Crucifixion icon), orthodox cathedral in Vilnius.
Example of Memorial Service.

The United States army caisson platoon of the 3d United States infantry regiment 'The Old Guard' transports the flag-draped coffin of sergeant major of the army George W. Dunaway on a limbers and caissons during a military funeral processional at arlington national cemetery in 2008.
Example of Military funeral.

Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States, lying in state in the United States capitol Rotunda as spectators and mourners file past his flag draped coffin, 2004.
Example of State Funerals in United States.

1941 stamp commemorating the deaths of Mot,a and Marin.
Example of Funerals of Ion Mot,a and Vasile Marin.

Funeral christian memorial card-Dove.
Example of Funeral Cards.

Canadian grenadier guards during a state funeral in Ottawa.
Example of State Funerals in Canada.

The coffin of John Curtin, the 14th prime minister of Australia, lying in state inside king's hall, old parliament house, canberra on July 6, 1945.
Example of State Funeral.

The funeral procession of King Edward VII. Windsor, 1910.
Example of Funeral of Edward VII.

Prince of wales guarding his grandmother's coffin on April 8, 2002.
Example of State Funerals in the United Kingdom.