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Veterinarian Example CV

Personal information    
Surname(s) / First name(s)  Botham, Katherine BVMBVS MRCVS
Address(es)  50 New Road, Cambridge IP23 5RS
Telephone(s)  +44 1234 456 6778
Fax(es)  +44 2345 345432
E-mail(s)  bothamk@example.com
Nationality(-ies)  British
Date of birth  22/08/70
Gender  Female
Desired employment / Occupational field  Veterinarian
Work experience   
Dates  5 September 2003 to Present
Occupation or position held  Veterinary Surgeon
Main activities and responsibilities  I have been working as a veterinary surgeon for the last six years. I concentrate solely on small animals. I have a particular interest in surgery and am especially keen on orthopaedics.
Name and address of employer  Park House Veterinary Centre
Park House, Colney, nr Cambridge IP33 4SS
Type of business or sector  Veterinary treatment of animals
Dates  5 August 2001 to 3 September 2003
Occupation or position held  Veterinary
Main activities and responsibilities  I worked in a mixed practice looking after all types of animals. In addition I learnt about running a surgery, appointments, records to be kept etc. I also studied for my MRCVS part time at London University.
Name and address of employer  Harold Wood Veterinary Centre
344 Gidney Road, Hammersmith, London WC2 4DC
Type of business or sector  Veterinary Centre
Education and training   
Dates  2 September 1998 to 3 July 2003
Title of qualification awarded  BVMBVS
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  This course comprised basic veterinary sciences and clinical subjects, Cardiorespiratory System, Reproductive System covering all of the common domestic, wildlife and exotic species.
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University of the Midlands
Dates  2 September 1991 to 3 July 1998
Title of qualification awarded  A Chemistry, A Biology, B Geography
A Chemistry, A Biology, A Physics, B Maths, B English language
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  National Curriculum
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  St Marys High School
Personal skills and competences  
Mother tongue(s)  English
Other language(s)  German
Self-assessment  UnderstandingSpeakingWriting 
European level  ListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken production  
English  C2Proficient UserC2Proficient UserC2Proficient UserC2Proficient UserC2Proficient User 
German  A2Beginning User B2Average UserB2Average UserA2Beginning UserA2Beginning User  
Social skills and competences  Dealing with distraught owners of pets needs all the interpersonal skills that I can find
Organisational skills and competences  I have the responsibility of running the support office
Technical skills and competences   I have extensive experience of operating on small animals
Computer skills and competences  I used most of the Office Products at University and I deal with the surgery's computer systems
Artistic skills and competences  None
Other skills and competences  I am considered by my friends to be an expert at quiz shows
Driving licence(s)  Full
Additional information  References are available.