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Mental Health Counsellor Example CV

Personal information    
Surname(s) / First name(s)  Marsha, Anne Sasha
Address(es)  32, Louvre Street, SO15 Y23, Southampton, England
Telephone(s)  +44 123 45 67 89 00 Mobile: +44 123 45 67 89 00
Fax(es)  +44 123 45 67 89 00
E-mail(s)  anne_marsha@gmail.com
Nationality(-ies)  British
Date of birth  1.25.1980
Gender  Female
Desired employment / Occupational field  [Student]Mental Health Counsellor
Work experience   
Dates  January 2008 - present
Occupation or position held  Mental Health Counsellor intern-ship
Main activities and responsibilities  With doctor/senior counsellor support, provide confidential counsel for patients suffering from mental disorders and depression, observe conversations and offer opinion when asked when determining patient risk factors or risk of suicide.
Under counsellor supervision, work with nurses and other patient care staff to provide treatment and therapy methods and ensure patient participation.
Work with other therapists and medical staff to provide a safe, positive mental health environment, assist patients with basic living needs, discouraging counter-productive behaviours, and recognizing patient growth and mental development.
Assist with the care of elderly patients, and if necessary restraint of combative or emotionally distressed patients.
Document patient progress, describing current mental status in comparison to previous mental state, discuss with counsellor I was interning for offering opinion, receiving feedback
Name and address of employer  Bailey Mill Medical Centre 9233 Warwick CV34 4UN, United Kingdom
Type of business or sector  Hospital
Education and training   
Dates  September 1988 - June 1993
Title of qualification awarded  Seeking a Master of Arts degree in Psychoanalytic Studies
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  Therapeutic Communications
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University of Essex
Level in national or international classification  University
Dates  August 20004 - May 2008
Title of qualification awarded  Bachelor of Science - Nursing with an emphasis in Mental Health
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  Patient Mental Health and Care
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University of Essex
Level in national or international classification  University
Personal skills and competences  
Mother tongue(s)  German
Other language(s)  
Self-assessment  UnderstandingSpeakingWriting 
European level  ListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken production  
English  B1Moderate userB1Moderate userC1Moderate userB1Moderate userB1Moderate user 
German  A1Beginning UserA1Beginning UserB2Beginning UserA1Beginning UserA1Beginning User 
Social skills and competences  I am a calm and caring person and I pride myself in being a good listener. I look beyond the patients problems and medical record and try to get to know the person they can be or were before their mental health problems developed. I have experience caring for individuals and I am learning to work with families in my intern-ship role. I have personal experience caring for the elderly and family members suffering from the mental deterioration of a loved one due to old age and Alzheimer. I posses excellent observation and interpretation skills, which is essential in working with patients who either are not ready to admit their problems or are having difficulty talking about what caused their mental health problems.
Organisational skills  Caring for others requires that I am highly organised and efficient in my work and work materials. I take detailed notes during all patient sessions and later discuss those notes with the counsellor I am working with. I am often commended for taking very good, detailed notes on patients.
Technical skills and competences  Currently being trained in the use of simple medical equipment and software.
Computer skills and competences  Expert skill level with Microsoft Word, learning Excel and other Office Suite applicationsExpert internet researcher.
Artistic skills and competences  Creative thinker, I am always thinking of new treatment methods for patients including artistic outlets which have proven to help patients with mental health problems.
Other skills and competences  Baking as a hobby with a focus on desserts and pastries.
Driving licence(s)  Class B
Additional information  References available upon request.