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Student Philosophy Professor Example CV

Personal information    
Surname(s) / First name(s)  Faudel, Fernand K.
Address(es)  3951, Luckeine Lane, BN2 LL5 Brighton, England
Telephone(s)  +44 12 34 56 78Mobile: 12 34 56 78
Fax(es)  +44 12 34 56 78
E-mail(s)  faudel@example.com
Nationality(-ies)  British
Date of birth  12.1.1979
Gender  Male
Desired employment / Occupational field  Philosophy Professor
Work experience   
Dates  From April 2003 to March 2004
Occupation or position held  Religious Education Intern
Main activities and responsibilities  While working this internship, I assisted and worked with the Religious Education Director. I taught children, adults, and sometimes couples about religion and spirituality. I maintained the cleanliness of the center and overall just answered religious inquiries and stressed the importance of making a spiritual connection. I dedicated 15 to 20 hours a week to the center and volunteered on weekends whenever I had the extra time.
Name and address of employer  The Center of Religious Beliefs, 734 Boushe Boulevard, Brighton BN2 LL5, England
Type of business or sector  Education / Religion
Dates  From August 2003 to December 2003
Occupation or position held  Library Associate (Philosophy Articles & Journals)
Main activities and responsibilities  I served as the assistant to the supervisor. Whenever he was absent, I would fill in. My responsibilities were to train and evaluate potential employees, helped with journals and other reference sources, and I assisted in other areas of the library as needed. Once a week, I held my own Introductory to Philosophy session for those who may have been interest in philosophical studies. I worked 15 hours per week.
Name and address of employer  Brighton City Library, 22 Market Road, Brighton BN2 LL5, England
Type of business or sector  City / Library
Education and training   
Dates  From September 2001 to January 2005
Title of qualification awarded  International Baccalaureate
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  Philosophical Studies, Advanced Religious Studies, World Religions
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University Name
Level in national or international classification  Level 4
Personal skills and competences  
Mother tongue(s)  French
Other language(s)  
Self-assessment  UnderstandingSpeakingWriting 
European level  ListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken production  
Russian  C2Proficient UserC2Proficient UserB1Independent UserB2Independent UserB2Independent User 
English  A1Basic User A2Basic UserA1Basic User A1Basic UserA2Basic User  
Social skills and competences  My social skills are above average as I have spent over 4 years speaking publicly and also instructing small groups. Being able to speak publicly has made me more confident with my social abilities.
Organisational skills  Working as a library associate definitely polished my organization skills. Organising reference resources, and filling out work orders was a tedious task and required a great amount of detail and a system that was not only effective, but also efficient. I assisted my supervisor to create and implement various time-saving projects.
Technical skills and competences   I have worked with a variety of equipment as a library assistant. This equipment ranging from copiers, fax machines, and the library card reader. I was also responsible for the maintenance of these machines.
Computer skills and competences  I am familiar with Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and other word processing programs. My internet skills are average, as I spent a vast amount of my time reading.
Artistic skills and competences  Considering I am studying philosophy, I try to keep my hobbies in this area as well. I spend a lot of my time writing, thinking, and writing more. Studying philosophy encourages and challenges me to think beyond the norm. I record all of my thoughts for future reference and there is a strong determination to publish them someday.
Other skills and competences  In addition to my philosophical skills I also have a keen interest for scientific subjects. I have worked with a variety of wildlife, including exotic plants. As a student I was apart of a group called Scientists for Fun, in this group we met once a month to work in the labs testing, analyzing, and collecting various data. I also keep up with the latest medical and research news.
Driving licence(s)  Category A
Additional information  Member of A League of Ponderer's (ALP) for over 4 years.
   Dr. W Silvain , Priest, Brighton University, Brighton BN2 LL5
   Phone: +44 12 34 56 78, Email: wsilvain@example.com
   Mr. L Chabert, School of Philosophical Studies, 71 Seagull Bay, Brighton BN2 LL5
   Phone: +44 12 34 56 78, Email: lchab@example.com
Annexes  None.